Air Purification

air purification services available across North Carolina_page_imageThe quality of air you and your family breathe inside your home is very important. According to the Indoor Air Quality Association, the air quality in your home is 4-40 times more polluted than the air outside of your home. There is no tangible way of identifying poor air quality, although it can have negative effects on entire families. Why risk any of that when you can have your very own air purifier installed by the team of professionals at Carolina Water Products.

You will notice an immediate difference in air quality by choosing an air purification system from Rainsoft. There are several reasons why investing in air purification is the right move for your family. Here is a look at the following benefits that come with installing a Rainsoft air purifier in your home:

  • Eliminates odors and smells
  • Removes pollutants from air
  • Reduces risk of allergies
  • Lessens chances of asthma attacks

Within any home, mold spores grow with regularity, especially in areas that are humid or damp. Continual inhalation of air that is contaminated by mold spores can lead to infections and health issues. There are other reasons why the installation of an air purifier can benefit your family.

Hay fever is also intensified in the spring and homes without air purifiers are breeding grounds for allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Meanwhile, dust mites exist in every part of the home and too many of these unsightly creatures can cause skin allergies.

Issues with cigarette smoke can also be alleviated with the installation of an air purifier. And if there is ever a pungent smell inundating the home, an air purifier can quickly remedy that problem.

The process of installing an air purification system aims to change the air quality within an entire home. At Carolina Water Products, we have extensive experience installing air purification systems. We also consider costs, which is why we price our services so that it is an affordable option for families. Investing in the quality of air in your home is essentially an investment in your family. Here are some other problem areas that are eliminated when you hire Carolina Water Products to install a Rainsoft air purifier within the home.

  • Bacteria – Many surfaces within the home experience a buildup of bacteria. The transfer of bacteria can lead to all sorts of sickness.
  • Airborne germs – Flu viruses are transmitted through the air, as something simple like coughing can transfer germs. An air purifier attacks these airborne particles.

Everyone within the home can see an improvement in their health when you choose Carolina Water Products for the best air purification Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas have to offer.