Water Softeners

Water quality in many homes is impacted by what has become known as “hard” water. The term defines water that contains excess minerals, namely magnesium and calcium. Hard water can make it difficult to thoroughly clean dishware while also produce a buildup of soap scum. This could lead to drain clogs, dry hair and flaky skin. Carolina Water Products can eliminate hard water in your home with the installation of a water softener.


There are a variety of reasons to install a water softener in your home as it can lead to a cleaner way of living and improved health. Here are more of the benefits that come with Water softener installation.

  • Improved lather – This is important in the washing process because it results in cleaner dishes and softer, brighter laundry. It also has a better impact on hair and skin in the washing process.
  • Appliance longevity – Your appliances will last longer because they have to work more strenuously when using hard water. Appliances that work less typically last longer.
  • Energy savings – The use of hard water will cause your energy bills to climb. There will be fewer problems with water pressure and appliances will need to use less power to perform their standard duties. And with less sediment in your hot water heater, heating costs become lower.

Whole house systems

Water softeners are capable of removing hard water throughout an entire house through the ion exchange process. This means that every drop of water that comes from a fixture, appliance our faucet will be treated. These units will not cause a hike in electricity bills as they are made to operate without having to rely on your home electric supply.

Replacing salt water softeners

It is common for homeowners to have brine tanks that serve the purpose of softening their water. The trick is that these tanks need to be filled with salt. That means every couple of months, you have to make a trip to the store to buy large bags of salt. This can prove to be a costly expense over the long haul. The good news is there is an alternative.

At Carolina Water Products, we provide water softener salt replacement services. Don’t worry about the drive or the difficult hauling after buying large amounts of heavy salt to move around your home. Let us take care of the hard work while your home stays filled with clean and soft water. Contact us to refill your water softener salts today!

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