RainSoft Whole House Water Purification Systems

water softener charlotte north carolina services page_imageWater systems are becoming the norm in many households throughout the Charlotte area. Adding a water system has a host of benefits and shopping for one of these systems can start and finish at Carolina Water Products. We have an affordable solution to your hard water problems. Carolina Water Products can supply your home with a Rainsoft water system and take care of the entire installation process.

Save Time, Money, Water and Energy All At Once

The function of a water system is to eliminate problems caused by hard water. Coincidentally, many people are completely unaware that their home is even pouring out hard water. But there are warning signs that reveal the presence of hard water. Dishware that is spotty after a thorough wash and excess film in your bathroom shower are two signs of hard water. An increase in your energy bill is another sign of hard water and could wind up costing a pretty penny in the long run.

There is no reason to worry as these problems can be alleviated with the installation of a RainSoft Whole-House Water Purification System. The results show up right away as a new water system will create the following benefits inside of your home:

  • Shinier silverware and clearer glassware
  • Reduction in amount of soap curd
  • Easier cleanup and housework duties
  • Reduced use of shampoo and soap
  • Softer Skin and reduction in usage of lotions
  • Extended life of most household appliances
  • Cleaner and fresher loads of laundry
  • Lower monthly energy bills

Installing & Maintaining Your Whole House Systems

The installation process involves hooking a Rainsoft water system up to the water supply in your home. The professionals at Carolina Water Products will take care of this process and there is little upkeep following the installation phase. Homeowners can simply use their water supply without worry.

residential services in charlotte ncThere are also health benefits to consider as water systems take out magnesium and sodium from hard water. An ion exchanger within the water system is responsible for removing those minerals. Carolina Water Products has a team of trained technicians that will explain this process in greater detail during the installation process. Our technicians also attend to the following areas in all types of homes and residences:

  • Service system upon request
  • Routine maintenance
  • Repairing or replacing faulty parts
  • Comprehensive system installation
  • Emergency service

Carolina Water Products has affordable Rainsoft water systems that can change your entire household. Call Carolina Water Products today and let us show you why we offer the best water system service in the Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.

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